17 Oct Finding A Home

A 35-year-old woman was booked into our women’s Supported Temporary Accommodation after escaping domestic violence. She was taken into custody, due to an altercation with her ex-partner, and was released the next day. Being on parole and having nowhere to live took a significant toll on her mental health. She was severely depressed and finding it difficult to stay positive.

With the support of our caseworkers and her mother—who came from overseas to help her—she got her life back on track. We were able to provide her with the support and assistance she needed, including assisting in her search for private rentals and preparing a support letter for her to use in private rental applications.

In less than two months, the woman found her own private rental. She was emotional and happy when her application succeeded. Providential Assist delivered her furniture for her unit, for which she was grateful.