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09 Sep New Systems Upgraded

Recently Providential have invested in upgrading our phone systems to a new digital platform, 8×8 Virtual Office, which is hosted in the cloud. It has proven to be much easier to use for our 24/7 service and can be utilised by all our staff regardless of location.

This new system allows us to take calls from referral agencies from different regions, whether we are in or out of the office. We can also easily transfer calls to other staff at any time, provide live reporting, creates a safer and more secure communications system, and helps to protect the privacy of our staff working in the field.

This system will gradually phase out our traditional mobile phone and landline services over the next quarter. The new phone system is integrated within our Salesforce system and provides a massive increase in capacity to help our staff answer the increased volume of calls coming in from the Department of Communities and Justice, Link2home, Compass Housing, Mission Australia and Community Corrections, in addition to the vast array of other calls and enquiries we receive on a daily basis.

The software and new phone system have been incredibly beneficial for Providential Homes, increasing our efficiency, productivity and response speed. They have also been useful in assisting with program operations, including daily tasks that require simultaneous execution by the team.