Giving food & furniture at no cost!

Providential Assist is committed to giving food and furniture at no cost to struggling individuals and families who are or have recently been homeless.

Our work for the dole and prisoner day release programs are closely linked with this mission as well as providing practical assistance and property maintenance for Providential Homes.

Furniture and Household goods

When clients find their new home we are able to furnish the property with donated goods at no cost to the client.

We find it very exciting when people find their new home to help them move in on the day they get their keys.

Every month we deliver over 20 household packages with beds, lounge suites, dining tables, TV units, bedside tables, wardrobes, cutlery, crockery, small appliances, rugs, kids toys, cots and more. Our warehouse at Glendenning has a high turnover of items coming in and going out. On some days they don’t even get taken off the truck but re-gifted on the same day ….. just the way we like it.

“I got the keys to the place at 1pm at 2pm a truck full of furniture arrived. Without Providential we would have slept on the floor that night” – Trish

Feeding the homeless in Prince Alfred Park

We feed the homeless and struggling families in Prince Alfred Park every Wednesday.

More and more we are seeing that the people we once served join in and become regular volunteers to feed others. Local businesses send volunteers to help out as well. It’s a friendly community atmosphere and the sausages aren’t too bad either.

Feeding the people sleeping in the park made me feel like I was doing something worthwhile – Jason

Like to be Volunteer?

There are many available opportunities for volunteers & work experience.