20 Apr Food Donations

Due to the high demand of our services, and the continued expansion of the accommodations that Providential provide, we have expanded our capacity for the production and distribution of meals and food through our Distribution Warehouse. Thank you to all the external support we receive to help feed so many people who are in need around our communities, including Oz Harvest, Food Bank, Second Bite, and Marley Spoon.

We have had considerable donations of food and other perishable goods made over this past year. To give some scale to the amount of food that we receive, on average each month we are donated 4.808 Tonnes of food. This amount is also increasing each month as demand for our services and assistance increases.

This does not include the miscellaneous items that are donated irregularly.

Food that is donated to Providential Assist is then used in our kitchens to prepare meals, make up food boxes, and distributed directly to those in need in the wider community. Meals and food boxes are also distributed to all our guests in the Providential accommodation.